Invest in Meath

Five thousand years ago Meath was at the cutting edge of innovation in Europe. As Science Foundation Ireland recently pointed out, the megalithic tomb at Newgrange which is precisely aligned to flood the inner burial chamber with light on the shortest day of the year demonstrates the high level of engineering skills of our remote ancestors.

The factors which led to the creation of Western Europe’s first innovation hub in Meath, location and connectivity, a highly skilled workforce and a great quality of life, are still present. In point of fact they are stronger than ever.

Meath has recently been chosen as the location for a world class data centre which clearly demonstrates the high quality of our physical infrastructure. Meath’s proximity to Dublin and Dublin’s educational and transport infrastructure means that Meath has the potential to offer a world class location which has all of the advantages of a capital city but with a significantly lower cost base.

Meath Economic Development Strategy 2014 - 2022 has job creation and investment at its Core. 4 of the 6 national motorways run through Meath to the national capital and this includes the Dublin – Belfast Economic Corridor. Meath is open for business and possess a highly skilled workforce.


We are investing heavily in the food industry with our Boyne Valley Food Series, which lies in the heart of the Economic Corridor and in the knowledge economy a key challenge over the life of this strategy will be to attract greater Foreign Direct Investment by proactively engaging with and marketing ourselves to overseas investors and State employment agencies and reinforcing the message that we are open for business.

As well as tailored marketing initiatives, we also need to invest in our key economic centres as drivers of the wider local economy, supported by investment in transport, broadband and zoned employment lands. Meath County Council is setting the pace as the leader of economic development.